Installing solar panels in your Greenwood, SC home or office can provide various benefits, including lower energy costs and increased property value. However, most solar panel owners overlook the importance of cleaning their panels on a regular basis.

Dirty solar panels deteriorate faster over time due to the repelling layer of dirt on them. They produce less energy as a result, and their maintenance costs can go up as well. Cleaning solar panels is therefore essential to ensuring their long-term performance and protecting your investment.

Of course, washing solar panels is not the same as cleaning windows. The use of the incorrect detergents and techniques can result in residue and mineral build-up, reducing the performance of your solar equipment. Worse, you risk injuring yourself or damaging your equipment.

With over 12 years of experience, our team at North West Exteriors, LLC provides the best solar panel cleaning at affordable prices in Greenwood, SC. We work with professional and modern tools, tried-and-true methods, and eco-friendly materials that won’t harm your panels, your house, or the area around it.

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 Clean solar panels regularly to:

  1. Increase efficiency: Dirt on the surface of the solar panel can limit the amount of light absorbed by that area, lowering efficiency. Cleaning solar panels removes dust, dirt, and other impurities such as leaves and bugs, which can reduce efficiency even further.Regular maintenance will also remove any debris or dust accumulation on the surface of your solar panels, which would otherwise continue to degrade their effectiveness over time.
  2. Warranty: Some solar panel installers and manufacturers have made routine cleaning a requirement for warranties. If there is no confirmation of regular cleaning, you may not be covered by the warranty. As a result, regular cleaning is advised if you want to be on the safe side in case of a problem.
  3. Improves ROI Time: If your solar panels are underperforming, you are losing money. You want your solar panels to pay for themselves as soon as possible. Once the panels have paid for themselves, the electricity your solar panels produce saves you money on your energy bills.The more consistent the output, the faster the solar panels will pay for themselves and begin saving you money on your long-term electricity costs. If you put off cleaning your panels, their poor performance will cost you money.
  4. Helps increase lifespan: Solar panels that are dirty are more likely to fail sooner than equipment that is kept clean and well-maintained. As dirt accumulates on solar panels, they will become less durable and productive. It has the potential to reduce the lifespan of a panel.So don’t leave your solar panels coated in filth for an extended period of time. We recommend that you have your panels cleaned every 6 months to maximize the free energy benefits.

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Cleaning solar panels is an important element of maintaining your home’s energy system. Cleanings may be necessary if you observe a drop in power output or a change in peak power on your solar system.

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