Soft washing

North West Exteriors provides a non-pressure cleaning method called soft washing. Soft washing is a non-pressure method of cleaning exterior surfaces such as vinyl siding, gutters, soffits, stucco, and Dryvit. This soft wash cleaning method yields excellent results while avoiding the disadvantages of high-pressure cleaning.

Soft washing is a low-pressure cleaning technique that is both safe and effective. Our cleaning solution is applied at a low pressure comparable to that of a garden hose.

Algaecides in the cleaning solution kill algae and mold, while soaps attack other kinds of surface dirt. After applying the cleaning solution, our technicians let it sit on the surface for a short time. A high-volume, low-pressure rinsing solution will then be used to rinse the entire surface.

You are left with a clean, sanitized surface after the dead algae and dirt are rinsed away. Please be aware that using our soft wash cleaning method will not void the manufacturer’s warranty on windows or vinyl siding.

North West Exteriors is your Greenwood, SC team of soft washing experts. Our skilled technicians have decades of combined experience providing dependable and cost-effective soft washing services in Greenwood, SC.

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Benefits of Hiring Soft Washing Services

Soft washing provides the following amazing benefits in addition to providing effective, long-lasting cleaning solutions for your home:

  • Soft washing uses a lot less water than traditional power washing and other cleaning techniques.
  • Because soft washing produces long-lasting results, it must be performed less frequently than power washing.
  • We use a proprietary chemical system to soft wash surfaces and is safe for plants and landscaping.
  • Soft washing can be used to improve any exterior surface without harming the surface’s components or the surrounding landscaping.
  • Soft washing is a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pressure washing.

Why Choose North West Exteriors Soft Washing Services?

  1. Not as harsh on surfaces: Because soft washing combines mild pressure with biodegradable soaps and solutions, it won’t damage the exterior surfaces of your home.
  2. Better long-term results: Results from soft washing last four to six times longer than those from other methods of exterior cleaning because the process breaks down contaminants at their source.
  3. A spotless home: You’ll have the most beautiful house on the block once you get rid of the microbes and contaminants that are discoloring the surfaces of your house.
  4. Significantly smaller water requirement: Soft washing uses less water than conventional cleaning techniques.
  5. Helps eliminate buildup: Soft washing removes buildup at its source, slowing down its rate of recurrence.
  6. Enhanced external appearance: Almost any exterior surface can be restored to new condition with soft washing.

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North West Exteriors’ team of pressure and soft washing experts offers a variety of cleaning methods for all of your exterior surfaces. We strive to clean the exterior of your home using the best cleaning method for each specific area of your home.

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