Pressure washing is one of the most efficient means of maintaining and cleaning up your property. It uses high-pressure water jets to blast away dirt, grime and stains from various surfaces and leave them looking brand new.

Why Hire Professional Pressure Washing Services? In this article, we will outline the advantages of professional power washing services and their ability to transform spaces. These advantages can help make sure that everything stays looking its best and fresh!


The Benefits of Pressure Washing

Your home, business, or commercial property is an enormous investment, so maintaining it should be of utmost importance.  Over time outdoor spaces become discolored and stained. The discoloration and stains create an aged appearance on your property. A deep clean will remove dirt, grime and stains that have built up over time.

Pressure washing can be particularly helpful for outdoor spaces that are exposed to the elements. It offers many advantages for cleaning a variety of surfaces such as brick, block, concrete, and stone. Basically, any surface that is considered a hardscape is a great candidate. It brings back their original state and enhances the properties overall appearance.

Saving Time and Energy

Pressure washing can be an arduous, time-consuming task that takes physical effort to complete. Hiring a professional saves both time and energy. Professionals possess the equipment and knowledge to complete this job quickly and efficiently. This gives you more time for other pursuits.

DIY Pressure Washing

Although DIY  might initially appear cost-cutting, it may actually end up costing more in the long run. A lack of knowledge or adequate equipment could end up costing more in repairs of the surfaces than anticipated. Professional pressure washing services have the experience to perform this service effectively without damage to surfaces. This saves time and money!

Environmentally Friendly Wash Solutions

North West Exteriors uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment. By hiring professional pressure washing services, you can achieve a clean and attractive property without fear of harming the environment.


Transform Your Space with Professional Pressure Washing Services

Residential Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can dramatically enhance the look of your home’s exterior by clearing away dirt and grime. Deep-cleaning your driveway, patio, and walkways will transform your home’s appearance. This service not only enhances its aesthetic, but can also add significant value. Regularly cleaning its exterior can prevent damages and extend its lifespan. This saves money on costly repairs in the future. Power washing will leave your property looking as good as new!

Commercial Pressure Washing

Businesses need to present an aesthetically pleasing appearance in order to attract clients. Power washing will help your commercial property appear its best and create a great first impression with customers and clients. Professional services will quickly and effectively remove unsightly stains and debris from storefronts, sidewalks, parking lots and dumpster areas. This creates a welcoming space for your customers and employees alike!

Industrial Pressure Washing

Industrial properties often feature hard-to-reach surfaces that require special equipment and expertise to clean safely and effectively. Professional services possess these resources in order to deliver effective cleaning of these surfaces safely and efficiently. Professional services can provide invaluable solutions to cleaning any industrial property from warehouses to factories to parking garages and loading docks. Power washing eliminates dirt, oil, and other substances that build up over time. This improves both its appearance and safety at once.

Why Hire a Professional Pressure Washing Service?

Experience and Expertise

Professional pressure washing services possess both the experience and know-how to get any job done properly. We understand which cleaning solutions and techniques to employ on various surfaces to ensure a thorough, safe clean of your property. North West Exteriors possess the training and equipment needed to face any obstacles encountered during the cleaning process, such as hard-to-reach areas or stubborn stains.


Pressure washing can be dangerous work if done incorrectly or without professional training and equipment. North West Exteriors takes safety seriously. Our team is fully insured, with liability coverage of up to one million dollars. Additionally, we go above and beyond by covering our team with Worker’s Compensation for work related injuries that might happen on your property. Furthermore, we take safety seriously by training and certifying our professional team through various programs. All of this sets us apart as a responsible and dependable pressure washing service. You can have peace of mind knowing we’ve taken measures necessary to protect both our team members as well as your property.

Finding a Reputable Pressure Washing Service

When searching for the appropriate service provider, it’s essential that you conduct adequate research. Aim to locate an established firm with positive customer reviews. It is also good to seek recommendations from friends or neighbors who have utilized such services before. Make sure to inquire about their equipment, techniques and eco-friendly cleaning solutions they may offer. Make sure they have liability insurance and Worker’s Compensation.


North West Exteriors professional pressure washing services provide numerous advantages for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. These services will make an impactful statement enhancing any space’s overall appearance and functionality. North West Exteriors is proud to serve Greenwood, SC and the surrounding communities such as Ninety Six, Hodges, Ware Shoals, Abbeville, Donalds, McCormick, Laurens, Clinton, and Cross Hill.

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