Ensuring a Pristine Finish for Your Property

Welcome to North West Exteriors , your trusted partner in post-construction clean-up services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties in South Carolina. Our expert team is committed to delivering a spotless and polished finish to your newly constructed or renovated spaces. We focus on quality, precision, and efficiency. We also employ advanced techniques like pressure washing and soft washing to guarantee a thorough cleaning experience.


Pressure Washing: The Cornerstone of Post-Construction Clean-Up

Revitalize Your Exterior Surfaces

After construction or renovation, a layer of dirt, dust, and debris often blankets your property, obscuring its true potential. This is where our pressure washing services come into play. Our skilled technicians utilize high-pressure water jets to effectively remove grime, stains, and even stubborn contaminants from a variety of surfaces, including concrete driveways, sidewalks, brick walls, and more.

Preserving Curb Appeal

Pressure washing is not only about cleanliness but also about preserving the aesthetic appeal of your property. Our specialized equipment ensures a deep and thorough clean without causing damage to surfaces. We understand the unique needs of different materials. We adjust our techniques accordingly to leave your property looking as good as new.

Soft Washing: Gentle Yet Powerful Cleaning

Protecting Delicate Surfaces

For more delicate surfaces, such as siding, roofs, and painted exteriors, our soft washing technique is the ideal solution. Soft washing involves the use of low-pressure water combined with eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove dirt, algae, mold, and mildew. This gentle approach ensures the preservation of surfaces while delivering a comprehensive clean.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

North West Exteriors  is committed to environmentally friendly practices. Our soft washing methods not only protect your property but also minimize the environmental impact of our cleaning processes. We use cleaning agents that effectively break down contaminants without harm to the ecosystem.

Service Areas in South Carolina

Bringing Post-Construction Clean-Up Excellence to You

North West Exteriors  proudly serves a range of locations in South Carolina, including Greenwood, Ninety Six, Hodges, Ware Shoals, Abbeville, Donalds, McCormick, Laurens, Clinton, and Cross Hill. Our dedicated team is ready to respond promptly to your post-construction clean-up needs. We ensure that your property shines in every corner.


Why Choose North West Exteriors?

Expertise and Experience

North West Exteriors  has sharpened their skills with years of experience, to become a leader in post-construction clean-up. Our team is comprised of trained professionals who understand the nuances of different surfaces and the most effective cleaning methods.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

We invest in state-of-the-art pressure washing and soft washing equipment to deliver results that exceed expectations. Our commitment to using the latest technology ensures efficiency, effectiveness, and a level of service that sets us apart from the competition.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At North West Exteriors , customer satisfaction is our top priority. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and tailor our services accordingly. Our goal is to leave your property immaculate, enhancing its appeal and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Contact North West Exteriors for a Clean Finish

Experience the Difference

North West Exteriors is your go-to partner when it comes to post-construction clean-up in Greenwood and surrounding areas. Our combination of pressure washing and soft washing techniques, along with a commitment to excellence, ensures that your property emerges from the construction or renovation process in pristine condition.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how North West Exteriors can transform your property with our expert post-construction clean-up services.


In summary, North West Exteriors combines the power of pressure washing and the gentleness of soft washing to deliver unparalleled post-construction clean-up services. We focus on customer satisfaction and our commitment to environmental responsibility. We stand ready to make your property shine in Greenwood, Ninety Six, Hodges, Ware Shoals, Abbeville, Donalds, McCormick, Laurens, Clinton, and Cross Hill.

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