Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and we have proof! We have liability and we also have workman’s comp. Don’t be fooled by others with just a liability policy. Workman’s comp covers work related injury accidents that may happen on your property.

Yes we do! We can custom tailor any routine service you need for however often you want or need the service to be done. There is no contract we lock you in either. Just allow us to perform the job as often as agreed.

All jobs are unique in their own way. Most basic house wash jobs take about 3 hours for a typical 2,500 sq ft home with one wash technician.

For removal of algae, mildew, and other debris, we use a special formulated detergent house wash that does contain sodium hypocrite (bleach). Spraying bleach alone on siding without proper dilution and additives can cause long term premature damage such as streaking and oxidizing.

Yes, we connect to all houses and businesses we service. If you cannot provide a water source, we have the ability to perform our services without water connections for an additional fee.

Most of the time we can have you booked within 2-3 weeks of you approving our quote. During our peak season we have been booked out past 2 months. NOTE: Our busiest time is soon after the bulk of the pollen has fallen and rain rinsed away.
For most basic house washes and gutter cleanings, yes we can, but prices are not definite until the home has been seen in person. If your house contains screen porches, breezeways, or you need the inside of your carport done, then an on site visit may be required. This will ensure no surprises on our end.

Prices are done by full structure square footage. We have calculated pricing formulas for 1, 2, and 3 story structures. All structures are measured via satellite imagery such as county GIS sites, or Google Maps. If measurements can’t be obtained this way, then an onsite physical measurement must be performed.

We have been properly trained and do everything possible to protect landscape that is in the path of our work, but unfortunately there is always a risk to landscape.
We monitor weather as close as possible, but we can work in light rain. We must stop work and wait or reschedule al together in heavy wind, rain or lightning.

For general house cleaning we recommend once per year minimum. Gutter cleaning we recommend twice per year minimum. Other areas vary depending on climate, landscape, and homeowner preference.