Commercial pressure washing

Commercial pressure washing influences how your clients and future consumers perceive you and your company. Keeping your business’s windows, concrete, facades, awnings, columns, and other surfaces clean is often disregarded and can have a negative impact.

North West Exteriors, LLC removes unattractive grime and stains that turn off clients. For over 12 years, we have been providing commercial pressure washing services to businesses in Greenwood, SC.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and have the technical training to make sure we complete each job on time and within budget. In addition, safety is another concern that we take seriously.

We are properly insured and certified through several training programs to ensure that our work meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients. When you hire us, you can be sure that you and your property are secure.

Cleaning dumpsters, gas stations, and filthy exhaust vents, for example, can help in decreasing your risks. Get in touch with us to let our customized plan handle these issues!

You can also call us anytime at 864-554-0025 to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable commercial pressure washing experts.

Keep on reading to learn how professional commercial pressure washing services by North West Exteriors, LLC can help your business stand out from the crowd with a superior shine.

What is Commercial Pressure Washing?

In contrast to ordinary power washing, commercial pressure washing uses a particular mixture of water and detergent that is then discharged under high pressure to clean buildings and sidewalks. The high pressure forces the cleaning solution deep into the concrete and brick without harming the beauty of the structure.

Commercial pressure washing offers a cleaner alternative than power washing and gets rid of a lot of the issues that contribute to long-term cosmetic problems, many of which could result in significant damage if ignored.

As a result, pressure washing is an important part of building maintenance and is typically recommended as a monthly or bimonthly service. Pressure washing your structure on a regular basis keeps it looking good and protects it from potential issues.

The Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial pressure washing provides numerous advantages over typical power washing, in addition to delivering additional scrubbing power. It not only saves you time (and money) by reducing cleaning time, but it also has a slew of other advantages as listed below.

Enhancing Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is not only important when selling a property. Customers are more inclined to visit businesses that have excellent curb appeal.

Older structures gather filth and grime, and in wet climates, mildew develops on their exteriors. The walls may become covered with black mildew, making the remaining portions look obviously dirty. When all of these factors are considered, buildings appear dated and dirty.

By removing dirt and grime, routine pressure washing maintains the building’s facade looking new and clean. If structures are frequently pressure cleaned, even older ones will appear brand new. The mildew and any associated stains are scrubbed away.

Helps Minimize Costly Repairs

Mold, algae, dirt, and bird droppings are not only unpleasant, but they may also cause degradation and wear and tear on a structure. For instance, bird droppings have a high acidity. They may actually undermine the structure if they are allowed to accumulate.

In addition to damaging the building’s structure, mold and algae can also have negative effects on one’s health. Cleaning on a regular basis will help you avoid major maintenance concerns in the future.

At first, pressure washing might seem like an unnecessary expense, but over time, it will unquestionably save you money. Frequent washing will help you avoid having to pay for many expensive repairs later. Like anything else, keeping a building clean will extend its life.

Keep Your Sidewalks Clean

At North West Exteriors, LLC, pressure washing services frequently include cleaning the sidewalks. Over time, public sidewalks get dirty. They are covered with grime, have accumulated old gum, and have rubbish stains on them.

Commercial pressure washing will remove even the worst stains from the sidewalks in front of your building, making them look as good as new. This just increases the allure of your structure and the businesses therein.

Customers will avoid your building if it is spotless but the sidewalk is filthy. Cleaning the walkways draws people in.

Enhancing the Safety and Hygiene of Your Facilities

Mold, mildew, algae, and grime are constantly accumulating in your building. These pollutants can degrade the air quality throughout the facility and pose a serious health risk.

These toxins not only cause allergies in the workers but also major medical conditions like asthma. The people who work in your building benefit from high air quality and hygiene thanks to routine pressure cleaning.

A sidewalk may acquire mold, mildew, or algae. When they do, a dangerously smooth surface is produced. On a muddy sidewalk, people can easily slip, fall, and be hurt. Remove this risk by calling our commercial pressure cleaning experts today at 864-554-0025.

It’s Environmentally-Friendly

Commercial pressure washing is beneficial to the environment in the following ways:

  1. No harmful chemicals: Commercial power washing uses chemicals, but they are neither harsh nor dangerous. By allowing the cleaning agent to penetrate the hard surface, high-pressure washing removes the pollutants from the exterior of the structure.
  2. Helps save water: A pressure washer consumes far less water than a garden hose. This is due, once again, mostly to the tremendous pressure at which water is discharged. Pressure washing allows you to use 50-70% less water. This saves you money while also helping the environment.

Keeps Your Building Graffiti-Free

Graffiti devalues your building and the surrounding structures. One of the best ways to get rid of graffiti is via pressure washing, which also gets rid of grime and mildew. Pressure washers are more than capable of removing graffiti, which is often simply beyond the capacity of the bulk of other cleaning techniques.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Greenwood, SC and surrounding areas

If you want to learn more about commercial pressure cleaning or arrange a pressure wash, please call North West Exteriors, LLC at 864-554-0025. Our commercial pressure washing professionals have extensive experience in building maintenance and provide great and fast pressure washing services.


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