Cedar Springs OHV Trail in Abbeville, South Carolina, is a great place to ride dirt bikes. However, you should know that this trail is subject to closings during inclement weather. In order to avoid this, check the trail’s status online before visiting it. You can also check with the local government to see when the trail will reopen after inclement weather.

Parsons Mountain OHV Trail

Parsons Mountain OHV Trail is a great place for riders who want a rustic, mountain-like experience. The 12.6-mile trail system winds through a pine plantation and is popular for wildlife. It has dirt and clay trails, but you’ll want to be prepared for mud holes during rainy seasons. In addition, there are several challenging climbs and dunes to negotiate. While the trail is a nice ride, it can be a challenge for the unprepared rider or horse.

The Parsons Mountain OHV Trail is a 12 mile off-road motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) trail that winds through pine plantations and hardwood bottoms. It’s accessible to all ages and skill levels and can be ridden by motorcycles, dirt bikes, and other off-road vehicles.

The trails are rated for difficulty, and riders can choose to ride either a beginner’s trail or a more challenging one. The trails are well-marked, but the more difficult ones are best left for experienced riders. There are also designated camping areas with showers, RV parking, and cabins.

Gulches ORV Park

Cedar Springs OHV Trail is located in the northern part of the Long Cane Ranger District. It is managed specifically for all-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes. Hummers and Jeeps are not allowed. The trail winds through hardwood bottoms. It features two-way loops and a connector trail. Both loops offer different experiences for all riders.

Nearby, visitors can explore Sumter National Forest with its 12 miles of OHV trails. These trails run through a mixed pine and hardwood forest. The trailhead is five miles east of Joanna. Visitors can also visit the nearby Manchester State Forest.

The park has two loop trails that are less than 50 feet wide. The terrain is varied, ranging from clay to gravel to hardwood bottoms. It also has camping and picnic areas. OHV enthusiasts can try out the mud pits, creek crossings, and ravines. The park also provides rental services. A great place to also visit is Lake Greenwood State Park.

Enoree OHV Trail

If you enjoy off-roading, you will love the Enoree OHV Trail in South Carolina. This trail travels through pine forests and rolling piedmont hills. It is open to both dirt bikes and ATVs. If you’re looking for a new adventure, there are several other OHV trails in the area.

This trail is easy to ride, with a loop of 10 miles. It is ideal for all skill levels and is close to the Houston Valley OHV Trail System and Blizzard Trail. There are some mud holes that you will have to avoid during rainy season, so be careful when riding through this trail. If you’d prefer a longer trail, you can check out the Manchester State Forest, which offers 19 miles of OHV trails. It is not open to Jeeps, so keep that in mind.

The Enoree OHV Trail in South Carolina features a mix of clay and sand terrain. It offers great views of Lake Jocassee and Jim Timmerman Natural Resources Area. You can also access the Foothills Hiking Trail from this trail. If you’re looking for a more challenging trail, you can also check out the nearby Jefferson ATV Park.

Parsons Mountain Recreation Area

Parsons Mountain OHV Trail is located in the northern part of the Long Cane Ranger District. It is primarily a singletrack trail and has a relatively low degree of elevation change. There are a couple of large climbs and some sweeping turns.

The Parsons Mountain Recreation Area, which is part of the Sumter National Forest, is a great spot to test your OHV skills. This trail has a variety of terrain, including gravel, clay and hilly terrain. Depending on how advanced you are, you can choose to ride at a moderate or difficult level. There is even an easier beginner loop trail.

The Parsons Mountain Recreation Area has wide trails that cover a total of 12.6 miles. These trails wind through a pine plantation and forest. There are plenty of wildlife in the area. During the rainy season, the trails can get muddy. If you are looking for a longer adventure, head to the nearby Manchester State Forest, where there are 19 miles of OHV trails. There are three loops to choose from, and you can also camp at a nearby campground. Up next is Parsons Mountain OHV Trail.



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