Enjoy a Movie in Greenwood, SC

In Greenwood, South Carolina, you can enjoy a movie in one of the many drive-in auto theatres. If you are looking for a fun night out, try Highway 25 Auto Drive-In or the North 25 Drive-In. Both have two screens and feature first-run films. They also have a concession stand.

Highway 25 Auto Drive-In

Highway 25 Auto Drive-In Greenwood SC is a movie theater that opened in 1955. In the mid-1980s, it closed for a period but reopened briefly in 1999. It closed again in 2007, but new owners took over and the theater reopened in 2009. Since then, it has been showing movies and has recently upgraded to digital projection. It also has a third screen, which opened in 2015.

For a great movie experience, head over to Highway 25 Auto Drive-In in Greenwood, SC. The restaurant serves a great BBQ Bacon Burger, and the three screens allow you to watch your movie.

North 25 Drive-In

North 25 Drive-In Auto Theatre Greenwood is a classic drive-in auto theater that features 2 screens and shows 1st-run movies on weekends. The classic theater also has a concession stand. This location is an easy drive from most Greenwood neighborhoods and is a fun night out for the whole family.

Located in Greenwood, South Carolina, the 25 Drive-In Auto Theatre opened in 1955. It closed for about ten years before re-opening briefly in 1999. In 2007, it was purchased by new owners. It closed for another decade before being reopened again in 2009. After reopening in 2009, the theater has shown films in a remodeled theater. In 2011, the theater added a second screen and upgraded to digital projection. In 2015, the theater added a third screen.

South Carolina drive-in theaters

South Carolina’s drive-in theaters once offered great entertainment for a low price. These outdoor movie parks have been a staple of the Palmetto State for decades, but the popularity of drive-ins has dwindled with the rise of streaming services and digital hard drives. Nevertheless, South Carolina still has three drive-in theaters that are open to the public.

The Highway 21 Drive-In offers a classic movie experience in a setting that is both rustic and charming. It features three screens and a concession stand with hot dogs, pizza by the slice, and popcorn. The drive-in is located near the city of Beaufort and is hidden in a wooded area surrounded by towering oak trees. Guests will find no outside noise other than the occasional sound of airplanes landing at nearby MCAS Beaufort. More about Cedar Springs OHV Trail here.

Uptown Greenwood

The Uptown Greenwood Development Corporation provides a variety of incentives to small businesses. These include low-interest loan programs that can help businesses acquire the necessary funds to make real estate improvements. Furthermore, the Uptown Special Tax District allows for second-story residential development. This means that businesses located in the Uptown Greenwood area can enjoy lower real estate taxes than other areas of the city.

Uptown Greenwood is home to a variety of restaurants, retail shops, and art galleries. It is also home to several government buildings and community agencies. This eclectic neighborhood has become known as the Emerald Triangle, an area of cultural activity that spans Main Street. Located within the district is the Greenwood Arts Center, which has 25,000 square feet of gallery space and meeting space for community organizations.

Screen hopping at the 25 Drive-In Auto Theatre

In 1955, the 25 Drive-In Auto Theatre opened in Greenwood, South Carolina. After being closed for almost 10 years, it reopened briefly in 1999 and closed again in 2007. However, in 2007, new owners purchased the theater and it reopened in 2009. Since then, the 25 Drive-In Auto Theatre has been showing movies again. In 2011, the theater added a second screen and upgraded to digital projection. Recently, a third screen was added.

Uptown Greenwood’s Inn on the Square

Inn on the Square is located in Uptown Greenwood’s Old 96 District and offers comfortable lodging and a hot breakfast. It’s convenient for a wide range of recreation activities in Greenwood, SC. The Inn is also home to a full-service restaurant, which serves a wide variety of foods from around the world.

This Greenwood SC hotel is a historic building located at 104 Court Avenue East. Built-in the early 20th century, the Inn has seen many changes throughout the decades. It has served as an army/navy surplus, a furniture showroom, a funeral parlor, and a Christmas toy shop before being converted to a hotel in the 1980s. The property has recently undergone a complete renovation.



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